Every business dreams of becoming a brand, but few will ever really ever achieve brand status, probably because few really understand what a brand is. Branding is your business residing in the mind of your customer so that when they are ready to purchase, you are one of the few companies that come to their mind. Some companies use brainwashing tactics; others use innovation and emotion. What are you going to use?

A business’s name and logo are important, but the brand's message and its consistency are critical. Developing a great brand takes a lot of work and time. There is no shortcut. Successful brands like Gillette, Google, Coca-Cola, and State Farm Insurance are companies to look to in order to understand branding because of their long history. By studying good branding, we can implement similar strategies with any good company and build your brand.

The case for proper branding
The companies above have three things in common: they have been brand building for years, you personally can fill in their marketing message with your mind, and you immediately know what they provide.

Gillette: “The _____ a _____ can get.”

When you need to search for something, you say, “I’ll Google it!”

Coca-Cola: “Have a ____ and a smile.”

State Farm: “Like a good neighbor, State Farm is ______.”

Of course, these are national brands with huge marketing budgets. For the millions of small and regional businesses, the problem is having to create a local brand with a limited budget. Putting thought into defining your brand, what drives your business, and what you want customers to think and do when they need your product and services are the first steps. The old way of stamping your logo on everything won’t cut it anymore, and you are running out of time. Competition in every business category is fierce, and it is only getting worse.

The "Branding Test"
If you are marketing your business or starting out, think this through. Whether you are running a TV commercial, radio ad, or putting money behind a digital advertisement, make sure your ad is focused, unique, and delivering your values. If your competitor stole your ad and changed the logo, would the ad still make sense? If it does, you have a branding problem.

Get started
Known in 60 Media can help you build your brand the right way. We examine your business with “outside eyes,” and will do the research to see where you stack up against the competition. Known in 60 Media can define your mission and your purpose and leverage your uniqueness to create a brand that will resonate with your target market. We also create the marketing materials needed to get your brand moving forward in a creative and engaging way. Most importantly, we provide long-term guidance, ideas, and aid in keeping your message on-brand.


If you want to be the next big local brand