Laying the Foundation of Your Digital Business


The Internet has fundamentally changed the way we do business. It’s not just the young people using the Internet, for all practical purposes, it’s everyone. For you, the business owner, this impacts everything from business processes to marketing. As Internet experts, the most common question we get from new clients is “where do I start”?

Think back to when your business was just a baby. What were some of the first milestones you had? Like most, your largest milestone was probably securing a physical location. That physical location provided space to coalesce team members, clients, and processes around. That physical location gave you a purpose and legitimacy that working out of your home office or garage lacked. With the Internet, you can’t build a brick-and-mortar physical location, but you can build a digital location, a website.

A digital location used to be nothing more than an online brochure. A little information about your products, services, values, about the company, the leadership, and a contact page. Your digital presence was limited to the basics. Just enough to get by and feel like you were doing something. Yet, somewhere in the world, your competitor took their website further. They added video, showing the products and services being used, testimonial videos building trust, and videos educating the consumer about the company and how easy it is to do business with them. That’s powerful, and they are gaining customers!

Other competitors invested in deeper integrations, asking better questions of their customers and providing teams and clients with better processes right on their website. Client areas where your team can communicate directly with the client in real time, share documents, images, video, tasks, updates and questions to keep projects moving forward. Working with the client on their terms. These online integrations upgrade your website to a digital business, and that is what customers are looking for when they are choosing who to buy from today.

Back to the original question, where do you start? You must start with people that will understand your business and can build a digital business. You don’t have to build everything from the start, even some of today’s largest companies started out in a garage with a garage budget.  If you are a small business you must have at the very least a good website that can grow as you need it. You should also claim your Google My Business listing, and claim your Facebook page. If your business has goals of generating $250,000 per year, you will need more than the basics. You need to hire a contractor to build your digital business. One that also understands marketing through search engines, mobile devices, social networks and pay channels like google AdWords.

Why hire experts? Did you build your physical location by yourself? Your digital business location must make it easier for a customer to do business with you than your competition, manage communications, projects, and integrate with the different real world process you already are using to increase efficiency and accuracy.

It sounds challenging, and it is, but that’s why finding the right people to partner with from the start is the most important first step.

Known in 60 Media is a digital business contractor. We drive digital ROI machinery to balance design and function, connect you with your customers, and make managing your business easier. Contact Known in 60 Media today to get started building your digital business.

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