Changing Facebook Page Ownership BM to BM

Running a Spa or Salon can be stressful. You might be great at styling hair or providing skin treatments, but school didn’t get you ready to be a business owner. Shorten the learning curve to success by learning from others and best practices.

Win more customers with a modern website.

The digital domain is still elusive to many business owners in North Dakota. Working with businesses in Bismarck-Mandan, I have seen the struggles and confusion that building, creating and maintaining a website can bring. With changing customer and technological demands keeping your digital presence updated is more imperative now than ever before. Below are the […]

Get a Better Name for the Business Game

Ever have customers walk through your door and ask: “What do you guys do?” Or worse yet, think your business provides something else when you don’t even have that product or service? The problem for this might be very simple. The business didn’t put much thought, research and strategy into its business name. The name […]

Why you should make friends with a video guy! [infographic]

Online video is an under-utilized online marketing method that is easy to implement and packs a strong punch for the month that you spend. We created an infographic to help you understand how  video is the tool that you must use in 2015 and beyond to grow your business both on and offline. The right video strategy […]

Online Marketing isn’t a DIY Project

Everyone likes to save money, and there is nothing thing wrong with that. While, running a business is one place where you might think “Doing It Yourself” might be beneficial. More often those DIY projects could be done better and faster when it’s done by a professional. For a small business, you have to weigh […]

Give Us a K.I.S.S. – Keep It Simple Stupid

If you’re familiar with the K.I.S.S. principle chances are you’ve been in a military or para-military organization. Just like the title above says…Keep It Simple Stupid. Our world as a whole is getting more complex with the growth of new technologies and how we use them. As complex as things are getting the human element […]

Don’t Be “Everything to Everyone”

Business owners want to help a full fill a void, solve a problem or simply help people. Many business owners are so passionate about what they do they try to be “Everything to Everyone.” This is a tricky trap to get into, it creates too much confusion for your business, staff and customers. First off […]

What Makes Your Business Different?

What makes your business different? The title of this article is a difficult question for some business owners to answer. I’ve asked it countless times and the answers are as unique as the people running the business. When a business owner tells me “we’re the only ones in the state that can do this.” I’m […]

Every Business Has A Story…What’s Your’s?

Every business has a story…what’s yours? We’re gravitated towards stories. From the caveman days to today, the stories we share with one another define who we are. Stories are memorable, unique and are meant to be shared. Tell your story as a business owner! I’m sure it’s more interesting than you may think. There are […]

Quick Marketing Test

How do you know if your marketing will have an effect at all? Try this quick test to see if your marketing can cut the mustard. Put a competitor’s name in your ad instead of yours. If it still makes sense, change your plan. Three things your advertising must do to develop a uniquely memorable brand: […]