Request for Copywriter

I’m working on a quote for a security company (think alarm systems, cameras, keycard access) they would like me to include content for their blog and I would like to find someone to offload the writing too. I can do it, just don’t have the time and honestly security is a boring subject. Anyone in this group that would like to take this on. Everything would flow through me, and my company would pay you directly. I’m thinking around 500-700 words, but I would rely on you to come up with topics as well. The client is a small local company based in the US. Copy MUST sound local and US-based. Bonus if you also have keyword experience. We will pay you with a credit card, so you must have a method to receive payment. Content will be paid after it is produced, checked for errors, and quality. If you would like to be considered for this, please fill out the form here.