Creating a video that showcases your company, brand or service is an investment that increases awareness and the potential for purchase. A recent study by Eloqua, a division of ORACLE, found that nearly 50% of people surveyed said they would be more likely to seek additional information about a brand or service after seeing it in an online video.

Video can also help you increase brand awareness and drive traffic to your website.

Search engines and social media companies also rank video higher, which drives traffic to your pages and increases revenue. Yet, a good video is important.

Video that works is video that engages. Gone are the days when uploading your already produced local 30-second TV commercial was a benefit. Online video watchers look for brands that will add value to their lives.

Our Process
The scope of our video production service is only limited by your imagination. Would you like a video of you standing on the moon? We can green screen the background in our in-house studio. Looking for breathtaking aerial views of your operation? We specialize in ultra 4K digital video from high altitude with state of the art unmanned aerial vehicle equipment.

With every video production project, we learn what your goals are to get the best investment for your money. We do not just put the camera on a stand and do slow shots from side to side. With advanced camera technology, we are able to get into the thick of things up close and personal. Using the latest 4K video equipment and steady camera technology you will be dazzled by the details in our videos.

How to get started
Video production can be expensive, but the larger hurdle is the creative aspect of the video. Many businesses don’t know how to diversify their video needs to attract customers. Customers want to see your organization's culture, interviews with key people, presentations, tutorials, product reviews, and testimonials, to name a few styles of online video. The key with video production is to balance the cost of production and distribution with your cost of customer acquisition.

You had us create a great video for you, but now what? How do you get people, or more accurately potential customers, to see your video? The first obvious place for your video is on your website. Secondly, it should be on your social media channels. Video on Facebook is huge! There is more video engagement on Facebook than any other post type (2x more views, 7x more engagement); video on social media is the future for any brand. Known in 60 Medio can help identify customers who are more likely to engage with the video and put money behind ads promoting your company and video. We can also design display video campaigns, mobile video, in-stream video pre-roll ads (think YouTube) and PPC campaigns to direct potential customers to see your video.

Broadcast video, website video, online video marketing. There are many choices to choose from. Which one is right for you?

Tips for video success
  • Invest in quality production
  • Display strong calls to action at the beginning and end of video
  • Tell your story with and without sound
  • Incorporate compelling content and imagery within the first three seconds


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