Engage with a Landing Page

Technology has added many new marketing tools for advertising agencies in Bismarck. One such tool that has not been used very often in North Dakota are website landing pages. I know the question you are asking “what is a landing page?” A landing page is a unique web page that is very different from your main website and has design features to complete a specific goal. When someone views a landing page the goal is to convince that person to enter their information to be contacted later or buy a product or service. There are two types of landing page designs for marketing companies in North Dakota to use.

The first are click-through landing pages. This design focuses on persuading the viewer to click off to another website. In most cases this landing page will highlight the key benefits of the marketed product or service. Once the customer clicks the designated link they are taken to another web page that will hopefully close the sale. This web page is usually a registration page or shopping cart. As always with anything in the digital world you have to make it easy and simple for the customer to click.

The second landing page is a lead generation landing page. A lead generation landing page is ideal for collecting information for your business to follow up with. The information that can be collected ranges from the name, phone number, email and even what product or service they are interested in. Keep the landing page form simple, if you don’t need the person's email address there is no reason to ask for it. This is an amazing tool to help optimize the sales process and generate more revenue.

Examples of lead generation landing pages include:

  1. Consultation for services.
  2. Discounted offers.
  3. Free trial or sample.
  4. Contest entry.
  5. Downloading an ebook

> There are several considerations to think about when developing a landing page. The text, photos, graphics and yes video has to be taken into account for an effective landing page. One marketing strategy that advertising agencies use is creating different landing pages to test. For example, if Landing Page A performs 20% better than Landing Page B, the advertising agency can learn from that data and make improvements. Subtle changes can enhance the performance for even more conversions and leads.

The most exciting thing about landing pages is the immediate access to real-time data. This allows businesses and advertising agencies in the Bismarck-Mandan area to learn how a landing page is performing.