Every business has a story…what’s yours?

We’re gravitated towards stories. From the caveman days to today, the stories we share with one another define who we are. Stories are memorable, unique and are meant to be shared.

Tell your story as a business owner! I’m sure it’s more interesting than you may think. There are millions of businesses out there but only one has your unique story. Think about it for a moment…how did you get your start? Who helped you in the beginning? What challenges did you overcome? What mistakes did you make?

The answers to these questions are unique to you and your business. Each of these answers have a distinctive story behind them, so “tell your story” as a business owner. It’s a very personal marketing strategy that will give your customers a chance to get to know you and your business.

When people feel like they know you, they’re more likely to spend money with you. It enhances the customers experience, breaks barriers and helps grow your business. Using this as a marketing strategy it makes your business more memorable from your competitors.

During the course of our daily lives we’re bombarded with so many different marketing messages our minds get overwhelmed. “ON SALE NOW” “LIMITED INVENTORY” those famous buzz words are over used but don’t reach us on a personal level, it’s just more marketing noise. By telling a story, it makes you stand out from what everyone else is doing. When you stand out, people remember you and when they need you, your business is the first one they think of.

Customers today have so many choices they get confused. As an example, my wife and I went shopping for a new laptop. The salesmen was very professional and knowledgeable, but I noticed as we moved on from product to product, that the different options became too confusing. I could see that my wife was getting overwhelmed with all the choices. To help with the decision, I simply asked her what she needed the laptop for. She said, “I need something for Microsoft Word and Excel.” She didn’t need any high-performance machine for the latest video game, but something for bookkeeping. By asking the right questions, the salesmen narrowed her choices down to what would fit her needs. She felt better, picked out a laptop quickly and didn’t have any buyer’s remorse.

The same example can be applied to your marketing strategy. You want your customers to narrow down their choices to you and your business. When you eliminate the confusion your customers pick you, over your competitors.

I challenge you to think about your story as a business owner. Reflect on how you’re started but most importantly, reflect on where you’d like to be.


Justin Harmon is a manager and branding strategist for Known In 60 Media

He can be reached at