Turn it SIDEWAYS!!


Video is huge right now and only going to get bigger in 2018.

Almost everyone has the capability to create a video with their smartphone, and the easiest way is to go live.

If you haven’t played around with the Facebook go live feature to add a little video to your page, you're missing out. But, before you dive in there are some things you should think about first.

Let’s assume you already have a plan for what to say, AND a really good internet connection.

The first is streaming your video holding your phone horizontal.

I can tell you how many people are baffled by this. Before you start streaming on a smartphone, turn your phone horizontally and start the stream. You can’t start with your phone vertical and switch while broadcasting live. It won’t work.

The second most important aspect is sound.

Smartphone mics are small. You must find a way to get better sound into your stream. There are a lot of external mics to choose from, and a quick Google search will give you some options and reviews to figure out if the external mic will work on your phone.

Finally, I want to touch on lighting.

While not always necessary, adding better lighting or streaming live in a well lite environment will really give your video a professional look.

These tips are only the basics. When we help companies do a live stream we use a real camera. Your smartphone is ok but not as good as a dedicated camera like a DSLR or mirrorless camera.

But using a camera increases the amount of technology required to get the job done. Here is the equipment we use for our client’s Facebook live stream’s.

Sony A6000 (has a clean HDMI output)

Elgato HD60S


Open Broadcaster Software

Two LED Lights

Sound Mixer/Recorder

Various Mics

As you can see, we bring the equipment. It shows in the final product.

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