If you’re familiar with the K.I.S.S. principle chances are you’ve been in a military or para-military organization. Just like the title above says…Keep It Simple Stupid. Our world as a whole is getting more complex with the growth of new technologies and how we use them. As complex as things are getting the human element still likes things simple and easy to understand. Hence the K.I.S.S. principle.

The same thought can be applied with any marketing strategy. You don’t want to confuse, overwhelm or worse yet annoy your customers. Good marketing should spark some feelings, but we need to be smart as to what feelings we’re sparking.

If you own a business take an honest look at your marketing strategy if there is one. If your confused chances are your customers are as well. That confusion will kill your business and any hopes of growing it.

When you have a simple message it’s easier to remember. Just like John Schnatter always says at the end of his commercials. Who’s John Schnatter? He’s the guy that says “Better Ingredients, Better Pizza.” I’m sure your mind and fill in who John Schnatter is and the company. With that simple message, it’s a prime example of the K.I.S.S. principle being applied in marketing. 4 simple words help build a pizza empire.

What empire are you trying to build? Take a moment to think about it. In a world of complexity humans still crave simple solutions for their problems. When you Keep It Simple Stupid it’s easier to understand and most importantly easier to remember.

Justin Harmon is a manager and branding strategist for Known In 60 Media

He can be reached at