The Marketing Toolbox

The other day I visited my parents who live in Bismarck and my mother told me with disdain “your father bought an impact drill the other day, and he doesn’t even need it.” After a short laugh, I replied that he might need it someday. Thinking about that conversation, I later realized that even though you do not need all tools it is good to have them readily available. The same principle can be applied to any business marketing strategy. As an advertising agency in Bismarck, we have a variety of different options to accommodate our clients in and outside North Dakota.

The most common complaint I hear from business owners are the number of different marketing options out there. The best way I explain advertising in Bismarck is comparing the marketing options to a toolbox. In this toolbox, you have the right tools for the right job. You wouldn’t use a hammer to cut a piece of wood so the same philosophy applies to any business marketing strategy.

What limits access to all these marketing tools is the company’s budget. If you have a large budget you can use more tools to saw and hammer away. On the flip side if your budget is limited we may need to drill slowly in a smaller area.

The biggest and most expensive marketing tool out there is television and radio. With the right budget and a strong number of paid advertisements, your business will be swinging a big marketing sledgehammer. This big marketing sledgehammer will have more impact and impressions for your business. Now if your budget is smaller your business will be swinging a small hammer. Small hammer leads to smaller impact.

I like to compare a website landing page to a laser level that is used for mounting picture frames inside a home. A website landing page can be a precision marketing tool that generates new leads and creates sales. With a right design, your customers will get a level and clear picture of your product or service. Just like using a laser level the picture frame of your business will hang perfectly inside your customer’s minds.

Does your business need all of the tools in the marketing toolbox? Chances are it does not but it does need the right tools for the right job. Picking the right tools lead to better success and a better investment of your marketing dollars. If you are looking for an impact drill for your marketing, the team at Known In 60 Media can open up the toolbox and get to work.