Flushing Your Marketing Money Down the Toilet

Effective advertising, in general, seems to be an elusive white whale for many business owners. Advances in technology and how we use it does not help at all. How we digest news, information, and entertainment has changed dramatically in the last 10 years. Our world is shifting and business owners need to learn and adopt or get pummeled by the competition.

With all the marketing options out there chances are your business is already flushing money down the toilet. It is just a matter of identifying where the marketing money is going. Working with businesses across North Dakota here are the top 3 places where you are flushing your marketing money.

The Newspaper

As a person that appreciates the print industry, I struggled to put newspapers in this category. Seeing a beautifully printed brochure with exquisite artwork always catches my eye. After a long debate, I ask myself a question, “when was the last time you bought a newspaper?” The answer was a few years ago when my dad told me to go to the gas station and buy one for him. Newspaper readership has been on the decline for several years and the trend continues. The Brookings Institution reported in 2015 that the number of newspapers per million population fell from 1800 to 400 today. In North Dakota, this might not be relevant but it is. It is a direct correlation to the declining number of readers across the United States.

The Phone Book

Every time I get a phone book dumped on my doorstep in Bismarck it gets dumped in the garbage. The phone book was once a mighty powerhouse but it is in huge decline. As search engines provide instant access to information the reasons for buying a large print ad does not make sense. To make up for lost profits phone book companies offer other digital services such as online listings. A client of ours in Bismarck was paying for such a service. Looking into the performance it was very dismal and we canceled the service. Fifty bucks a month adds up over a year for nothing.

Bathroom Billboards

Bathroom billboards are one of the most ridiculous forms of advertising I have seen locally in Bismarck. While going to the bathroom do I need to see, think, and associate your business with my bowel movement? It might work for a plumber or toilet company. But for a company that sells real estate or high-end jewelry, this is the worst marketing decision you can make. Looking at these ads above the crapper I cannot help but think it is marketing punishment for some reason. This is the biggest marketing money flush out there the irony it funny because these ads are above a toilet.

Running a business is not easy. With the million things you need to think about, you can easily flush your marketing dollars. As an advertising agency in Bismarck, we create plans that can fit the budget of most businesses. There are better marketing solutions for companies in North Dakota. Is strategic marketing cheap? No, it is not but neither is closing your doors because you bought toilet ads at a local bar.