Easy to ignore isn't it? That's just an example of the "marketing noise" out there. We see and hear it every day of our lives. With that constant bombardment, our minds have become numb to it. We simply don't pay attention, and we don't care.

Here's the million dollar question: why do businesses keep doing it? (Sorry folks I don't really have a million dollars.) The answer: they focus too much on price.

When a business has a sale every month the customer will begin to wonder if there's any value at all. When that business advertises "this month only" many customers truly won't be enticed to shop because they know the next month there will be another sale and another sale after that. Where's the incentive to buy and most importantly where's the trust?

There are a few business categories notorious for having a sale every month. Many of those businesses aren't trusted or respected by consumers. The culture of their industry, demands a sale every month to get results.

What's the solution to the "marketing noise" problem? The creation of leadership and trust. This takes time and a developed strategy. The strategy tells the story of the people behind the business. People still buy from people. When we feel good about the person who is trying to sell us something we're more inclined to buy (as crazy as that sounds).

How do your customers feel about your business and the people behind it? Is there leadership and trust, or are you trying to gain ground with more “marketing noise”?

Justin Harmon is a manager and branding strategist for Known In 60 Media
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