If you’re not using social media to connect with your current customers, you’re missing out. Every organization we talk to says “word of mouth” is the number one way they find new customers, and “word of mouth” is exactly what social media is all about. Most customers check social media before doing business with a company to find out information. One positive interaction can gain you additional customers. If the interaction is negative, you can lose customers.

With social media, your company can look as big as Ford Motors with the right strategy. Even if you don’t want social media as part of your marketing mix, your customers may already be talking about you on social media, both good and bad. Social media is too powerful to ignore and provides real-time access to current and future customers with measurable data. The power and data that social media provides can be frustrating to businesses trying to manage their social media in-house and on a limited budget.

Social media consulting and strategy
Known in 60 Media guides and aids organizations in creating a winning social strategy. Social media is your brand’s voice and it deserves careful consideration. Like any marketing service, an initial consultation with a current review of what is currently being accomplished and a competitive analysis is key. Using this data and your brand’s goals, we are able to create a strategy for your business that can be sustained. Our strategies look to maximize engagement and deliver your audience to your website where we can begin to monetize the platform.

Social content creation
Known in 60 Media provides content creation services for social media that are share worthy. Articles, graphics, photography, videography and more help define a brand and activate your customers. Our goal is to create a directional response from content on social media to your website. With substantive content, visitors begin to trust your brand which leads to higher conversion rates

Social advertising
Similar to pay-per-click advertising, social advertising expands your brand's reach on social media. Choosing the platform, targeting the audience, and creating the message and landing page are just a few examples of what it takes to make social media marketing have any ROI. Known in 60 Media is your best partner to create a complete social media campaign while working with one single company. When we manage your brand, your website, your content and your social media, we are able to build the best sales funnel for your business quickly and efficiently.

Crisis management
No one likes a crisis, but it can be devastating when it takes place on social media. Monitoring your social media for upset customer activity and taking the appropriate action is better left to the professionals. Often businesses are too close to the problem and don’t have the ability to empathize with the customer. As owners, CEOs and managers, our businesses are like our children and it is easy to be on the defensive when someone attacks our business. Known in 60 Media can assess the situation and quickly respond with the appropriate message to calm the flames and to keep a crisis from turning into a catastrophe. We also have seen a rise in disgruntled customers taking to multiple social media platforms to express their problems. Businesses simply don’t have the time to watch and respond to everything; let us take the burden off you and your team.

Measurement and monitoring
Mountains of data are provided by social media platforms every minute. Identifying the important key indicators for your company and tracking the results of your social media strategy is where Known in 60 Media excels. We are able to identify what is working and what isn’t, and refocus efforts to maximize your investment. Helping you to understand the data in a simplified way is also critical for you to decide if your investment is having a return and how you will allocate resources. Trust in Known in 60 Media to provide you with the complete picture, while not overwhelming you. Social media should be fun for everyone, even you.


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