Your website may be the most important marketing tool your business will ever create. Almost every web designer builds on a CMS platform called WordPress. There are other platforms, but unless you want to spend more money than you have to, or you need a certain platform for industry reasons, WordPress is what you should use.

Known in 60 Media are WordPress experts! We can design and build you an attractive and functional website to meet your needs. We can also take static websites and convert them into WordPress websites. If you have a website already, but do not feel you are receiving the support you need, you need Known in 60 Media.

Responsive design
Every website Known in 60 Media builds is a responsive or “mobile” ready design. Your website will receive as much, if not more traffic from mobile devices than a desktop computer. Even if your customers are business customers and you don’t think mobile is important, think again. Your customers are still people, and people are looking for websites designed with mobile in mind. Google thinks it is important, and so does Known in 60 Media.

Known in 60 Media takes a different approach to designing websites for our customers. Any web developer can make a pretty website, but not all of them can add the functions your customers want or your business needs. Advanced forms and fillable PDF documents are some basic functions. How about an online classroom environment for training employees or customers? We can do that and much more. Tell us how you would like to automate different processes in your business, and we can design a website that will make your business run smoother and more efficiently.

Superior hosting
Once a website is built, the website needs a home online. We call that hosting, and Known in 60 Media takes great pride in our partnership with Rackspace to deliver enterprise-class hosting to all our clients. Our hosting with Rackspace servers provides fanatical uptime, increased speed of serving website pages, and a USA-based support team. If the internet had labels, our hosting would say “Made in America.”

More email options
Email the way you want it! Our hosting provides POP and IMAP accounts with any website design. We also provide exchange accounts for one person in the organization, or for the entire organization. Known in 60 Media is a Microsoft Exchange Partner and offers Office 365 Managed Hosted Exchanges. If email is critical to your company, you need exchange email. If you use Microsoft Office 365 (Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint) talk to us about how we can integrate your services better.

eCommerce solutions

If you’re going to sell anything online, you must have an SSL certificate. SSL certificates give your website the security to conduct business electronically. Even if you don’t ask for credit cards online, SSL can have its advantages. Known in 60 Media can get you set up with an SSL that will provide the strength and protection for your online business. With our hosting packages, we can have the SSL certificate installed on your website quickly to meet your needs.
Secure Transaction Processing
There are hundreds of online services that let you accept payments over the Internet. Choosing the correct one will not only keep the user experience on your website positive, but it will also save you money per transaction. PayPal, PayPal Pro, Stripe and many others are at your disposal; have us help you understand the options and why you would choose one over the other for your website project.
Online Stores
A simple shopping cart or a solid eCommerce platform—we can build it all. Take your dream of shipping worldwide to a company that not only has successfully built eCommerce but has operated its own stores. eCommerce, where a physical product is shipped, can be the trickiest website to build if you don’t know what you are doing. There are many variables that must play together for a successful experience. From shipping to discounting, we have the knowledge and experience to help you succeed online, and we will share knowledge from prior experiences to fast track your sales.


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