What makes your business different?

The title of this article is a difficult question for some business owners to answer. I’ve asked it countless times and the answers are as unique as the people running the business. When a business owner tells me “we’re the only ones in the state that can do this.” I’m thinking good for you, now we got something to really talk about and market.

There are some generic phrases that really pull the wind away from my sails. For example “we have really good customer service.” Having good customer service is important for any business, but I’m sorry it’s not an important difference maker. When people approach your business they expect good customer service already. Otherwise, what’s the point of doing business in the first place if we can’t take care of the customer?

So where does that leave us? It starts with looking at your competition and learning where they’re strong. Then you turn the tables and look at where they’re weak. Looking your competitor’s weaknesses will help develop a marketing strategy of attack. Striking where they’re weak works just as well on the battlefield as it does in the businessfield. Businessfield…look at that I think I just made up a new word.

What makes your business different from everyone else is the foundation for developing an effective marketing strategy. Here’s a simple test to see if your marketing is different from your competitors.

Think of your commercial that has been broadcasted, printed or displayed. Now remove your business name from that commercial. Now place your competitors name inside that same commercial. If that commercial can still make sense it might be time to reevaluate your marketing plans.

As our community grows so will the competition. Business owners face increased challenges and it’s not getting any easier. By finding what makes your business different from your competition you’ll take the first step in developing a marketing strategy.

I’ll see you on the businessfield. (couldn’t pass up a chance to use that word again)


Justin Harmon is a manager and branding strategist for Known In 60 Media

He can be reached at