We start with the competition.

Where are they the strongest

Where are they the weakest

Is your advertising attracting customers who are looking for a cheap deal or those who have fallen in love with your company?

Is your advertising directed at the people that are looking for and need your services today, or is your advertising building a place in your future customers mind that will lead them to your door when it is time for them to buy. Most people will eventually become the today shopper, but how will they choose between your business and the business across the street.

Imagine a 13 year old girl. She doesn’t own a home, yet. In 10 to 20 years, will the advertising you are putting out today create an emotional connection that will have her dreaming of one day owning your product?

Don’t laugh, hundreds of businesses everyday do just that on a national level. Coke-a-Cola has been building that image in people’s minds for over a century. Finish this sentence “Have a Coke and a *****.” If you said Smile, that is an example of branding.

Didn’t get the “Have a Coke and a Smile.” Try this, “Like a good neighbor _____________is there. I bet that one you got right.

But branding is much more than a jingle. How do you feel about Coke-a-Cola. Even if it’s not your favorite soda, I bet the image Coke conjures in your mind are of celebrations  and happy feelings, and cute polar bears in the snow.

That’s the sign of a successful brand and those companies had to spend millions of dollars getting you to finish those sentences, and feel good about their company.

As a business owner, you might think, “How do I get people to think of my business first, before all others?”

We have found a few things that work very well. It all starts with a strategy, a direction that will have an emotional connection with your customer. We use personal stories from you and your staff to create intelligently prepared commercials, based on the strategy. We then run those commercials for the right length of time at the right frequency per day in the right media. You just make sure you have good honest people working for you that are cheerful and friendly and a process in place to handle the increased work load.

At Known in 60 Media, L.L.C., that’s what we specialize in. Our mission is to help our clients build uniquely memorable local brands. We do this by getting to know you, your associates and your business, because you, your associates and your business are key aspects of developing a successful brand. We also handle the purchasing of the media. We know the secret formula that is needed to get results.